OFC (Oceania)

OFC (Oceania Football Confederation)

The Oceania Football Confederation runs Football (Soccer) throughout Oceania (Pacific Islands), with the exception of Australia and Guam which are in the Asian Football Confedration, and Hawaii, which is a constituent part of the United States of America.

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OFC Oceania Soccer

OFC Nations Cup

Oceania Football Confederation

OFC Nations Cup (Editions): 2000

OFC Oceania National League Final Tables (Seasons): 

2018-19 (Pending Review)

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Flag of New Zealand – Isolated by Enda Mulcahy for Eirball from Vector Contributorgrebeshkovmaximall world countries national flags [Internet] Available from: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/all-world-countries-national-flags-1610621497 [Accessed 12 July 2022]

Soccer New Zealand


Soccer New Zealand

1962 League Champions: Northern (Dunedin), 1962 Cup Champions: Hamilton Technical Old Boys, 1962 Irish Connection: Shamrock (Christchurch)